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Bob Nichols has been my lawyer for years and he is the best lawyer I know. I was facing 2 Capital cases, and he was able to get the charges reduced and I had no conviction and some probation. When I violated my probation, he got the cases thrown out. He has never failed me! He is partners with his attorney wife, and they are both very nice and treat me with respect. They worked with me on my fee payments and were always very understanding when I was in a spot. I would never go to any other lawyers but them!

Tim R. Charges: 1st: Capital Sex Case; 2nd Aggravated Battery

We had the pleasure of being represented by Bob Nichols and it was the best decision we could have made. Our needs were put first and we were treated as friends rather than a number. His guidance and vast experience during this extremely difficult time in our lives made everything much smoother. He was extremely responsive to any questions we had and kept us informed throughout the process. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome even when it looked like all hope was lost. We highly recommend Bob Nichols and have the privilege of calling him a friend.

William & Scott N. Charges: Drug Trafficking; Aggravated Domestic Violence

Bob & Kathryn are fabulous! I was falsely accused of domestic violence as an elaborate scheme to take over my business. The criminal charges were all dropped and they helped save my business and my house. They are always available, very understanding and patient, and just a pleasure to deal with. I’ve recommended them to all my friends and they’ve done a fabulous job every time. They’re the best in town!

John C Charges: Domestic Violence and Business Restraining Order

Stuck in my addiction, I was facing ten+ years in prision after my fourth violation of probation. Bob Nichols got the court to listen and give me yet another chance in an excellent treatment program. He has a lot of experience with people in recovery facing tough legal situations. He is knowledgeable, and the court listens. He always believed in me.

Zeke Z. Charges: Burglary Assault, Aggravated Assault, Throw Deadly Missel, Battery Police Officer

There is really no way to articulate my regard for Bob Nichols. Having worked in and around the Broward legal community for many years, I am acquainted with many attorneys. When my only son required representation, Bob was the first person I called. It's difficult to imagine putting matters of importance in anyone else's hands. I do not trust the justice system, but I trust Bob Nichols 100%

Dona G. Charges: Attempted Murder

Robert Nichols and Associates are extremely caring about your situation and put 110% into what is best for you and your case. I would highly recommend Robert and his staff to anyone.

Lynn S. Charges: Forgery and Grand Theft

I cannot tell you enough how much our entire family appreciates you fighting for Hansel. God bless you for all the great work you do and for standing by Hansel.

Hansel C. Charges: Capital Sex in 2 counties

Thank you for believing in me! By the grace of God you never gave up on me, and I am now a minister in my church. I believe the Lord places people in your path for a reason, like me. Even "bad" people can become good with help. You are a diamond in your field. It was an honor to have crossed paths with you.

Nina W. Charges: Felony Drugs


David K. Charges: Manufacture/Distribution of Drugs

Thanks to Bob Nichols the Best Lawyer Ever!

Cathy D. Charges: Battery on Police Officer, Aggravated DUI

Yesterday was a great day if you had Bob Nichols as your attorney!

Kristine R. Charges: Home Invasion

Words cannot express how thankful I am for you. You are an amazing attorney, but most importantly, the most compassionate person in the world! Thank you for taking care of our children and ALWAYS being available to the kids. Thank you for everything you did for my son. God bless you always!

Bina F. Charges:

OMG... You are the best human being Bob! You have this natural caring about others that makes me believe in angels. Thank you for what you did for me and for the great work you've done in the community. We need more honest dedicated attorneys like you. We love you!

Rocio F. Charges:

Great Job! ...and THAT'S why you're always my attorney!

Holly M. Charges:

You'll always be my guardian angel! Thank you so much for everything you did for me. You would be so proud to see my life now! You are the best of the best and that's for sure!

Nina W. Charges: Felony Drug Possession

We were so blessed to have you fighting for him. I know he was not the first person you've believed in and fought hard to prove it!

Cindy M. Charges: Murder

You are the best and we were so blessed to have you as his defender!

Paula H. Charges: Domestic Violence

I know my son is in very good hands! God bless you.

Janet N. Charges: Rape

No surprise that you won again! I personally know what a great man you are. May you always be blessed!

Kathy M. Charges: Sexual Abuse

Great persuasive and persistent work and a great ending!

Brenda B. Charges: DUI

The very best attorney HANDS DOWN!

Fran M. Charges: Grand Theft

You paint brilliant legal pictures every time you represent your clients and win. Thank you for all you do for others. I've never known someone who is so willing to always step up and help other people, and you always find the right path! God bless you!

Gloria B. Charges: Public Ethics Violation

You are the king of all right and true... real, genuine, on the money. Intellect and adoration have nothing on you. Thanks for your service!

Tammy L. Charges: Juvenile Case

Best trial attorney at its finest

Maria C. Charges:

You're awesome!

Geri S. Charges:

You are the only one and the best one. Thank you for your amazing work!

Fabio I. Charges:

My favorite lawyer who is the best in the world!

Juana C. Charges:

I was wrongly arrested for DUI. A conviction would have been devastating to my career. Bob found a way to have the case dropped before any charges were ever filed. He believed in me from the beginning, and I will always be a believer in Bob Nichols. Since then I've had many friends who have had similar results. I highly recommend Bob... he finds a way to get things done!

Mike W. Charges: DUI and Refusal to Take Breath Test

I was facing prison and losing my license for life for a felony DUI. I would have lost my business that took me a lifetime to build. Everything was on the line. Bob Nichols understood right away how important this was for me and always treated me with complete respect. In the end, he was able to get my case reduced to a misdemeanor. He saved my business!

Victor G. Charges: Felony DUI

Bob Nichols helped me overcome my life-time drug addiction. He convinced the judge that treatment would help me rather than locking me up in prison, and then he got me entered into a residential treatment program that changed my life. Bob wanted to help more than just fixing my criminal case. He helped me change my life around!

Jeanne L. Charges: ID Fraud, Grand Theft, Aggravated Battery

I could not have been happier with the way Bob Nichols handled my case. He got my case thrown out and expunged. He was always available to talk to me. He always made time for me and made me feel like I was more than just another client.

Carlos B. Charges: Residential Burglary and Grand Theft
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